AD&D: World of Axun

All hail the king, baby!

It's good to be the king

I awake, lying in the sumptuous embrace of myriad green skinned lovelies. It seems like any other morning. Except, it’s not. Instead of the small, claustrophobic space of a ship’s cabin, instead I sit in an unmoving, large airy room made of stone. And there are distinctly less bed bugs nibbling at my backside.

After an appropriate dispensing of the morning wood (thanks, luv!), I venture outside the large doors to the chamber. A couple of gold-sashed guards flank the exterior, but they seem to be guarding me, not keeping me captive. I spot some of my human compatriots (Including Strato Tomas) (—edit: Cumulo Tomas, thank you!) down the large hall, and hail them. They inform me that I’ve been elected king of the Green Pirates (no doubt thanks to my reputation as Bitch Handler on the pirate ship, which apparently translates to “captain” in Green Elf-ese). Apparently a new Cloud warrior priestess has arrived to bolster our efforts.

The rest of that day is a blur. I consult with the Tengu Emissary, who informs me that we require an additional Emissary to interact with our next potential allies, the Kodan. She’s something of a specialist (in Green Pirates, natch) and dealing with the Kodan (walking, talking, tool-using polar bears) will require a different specialist.

Making our decision to go directly to the Kodan after my coronation, (to at least get the process started), I explain to the new Blue Faction leader the concept of a “regent,” as this is a foreign concept to the Greens. Which translates into – “I’ll probably not get my throne back, but as long as the alliance holds, we’re good.” I also discover one of the harem I’ve inherited is extremely skilled and intelligent, I lean on her a bit for counsel and language training.

While we wait for the leaders of the other factions to arrive in Freehold for the coronation, most of the party learns spells, and I work on my language skills (Green, Tengu) and learn the customs of my Green spawn people.

Coronation goes off without a hitch, and afore long we’ve put the regent on my throne, and are sailing off in one of the Gold’s finest ships, heading for the Kodan hex.

Once across the border wall, we quickly spot one of the Kodan Iceberg Ships and sail that direction. As we approach we notice a distinct lack of activity onboard, causing a bit of hesitation. But the trap is already sprung. A giant Krab (I use this term, not “crab” because they taste like shit) claw ascends from the water, trapping the front of our vessel, while smaller Krabs ascend the sides of the boat. Our Gold guards attempt to hold the line of little guys, while we go to work on the heavily-armored Klaw (too much?). All manner of element magic slam into the armored structure, but especially a pair of well-timed Lightning strikes. Before we manage to dislodge the front Klaw, a second one grabs the back of the boat. The Golds are bravely holding the line for us, with some support from us, but are taking casualties.

The front Klaw is finally rendered inert, but it still holds the front of the ship. So we turn our attentions to the rear one that is actively trying to break our hull. After more lighting (and other pyro and hydrotechnics) our fanatical Stormer lands the killing blow; severing the mighty Klaw with a burst of electricity and a mighty swing of his blade. It’s too late for our boat, however, and we scramble to release the lifeboats, losing most of our guards in the process.

While we consider a retreat back to Green Pirate Land, a Kodan Iceberg approaches. They ask if we’re prey. We respond by showing them the Klaw of the mighty beast, as well as the wake of it swiftly-retreating form. Together, we give chase and bring down the Krab. Or just they do, I don’t recall.

After that, we talk and consider the possibility of forming an alliance to defeat the Demon Queen for a second time. These Kodan offer to help call a meeting of the whole population, letting us know that things will be speeded up if we do some of our own recruiting; bringing the Klaw around with us to show that we’re hunters like them.

(I think that’s where we ended, but I might have missed a thing or two)


You forgot the part where the Stormer alomst kiiled the Krab through its’ claw. With a sword.

All hail the king, baby!
Samiam888 Samiam888

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