AD&D: World of Axun

Are we 4th yet?

No? OK, we duck the adventure again...

To now:

A party of “C” level magic students from the Oobsidian Blade were being gated to a Purgatorial lab complex to burn time learning to make potions, when the Graveyard-level complex was attacked! The students made it through the gate, but the gater didn’t QUITE make it, and was cut in half by his own gate. Now, the students must overcome their very average backgrounds and skills to survive — or thrive — halfway to hell…

This week:

We continued trying to build an alliance among the nearby spawn races to stand against the demon queen. Of course, burning down the palace of the local pirate kinglet isn’t EXACTLY the best way to build an alliance. But, hey! We’re learning as we go along. At least none of us died, and we can’t say that EVERY week!


No stop signs, speed limits
Nobody’s gonna push me around
We’re on a Halfway to Hell!

Are we 4th yet?
Samiam888 boxofbilly

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